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Anti-static anti-smashing shoes,ESD Shoes,Antistatic Shoes

  Anti-static anti-smashing shoes:   1.Model: 34 # 44 #   2.Trade Description: Characteristics: to help low-and tongue sealing Magic Tie, soft foam roller mouth   3.The scope of the scope of applicatio

Selling Anti-static shoes,ESD Shoes,Anti-static Shoes

  Anti-static shoes adopt anti-static dissipative material PU or PVC to make the sole, and match the upper. Nice style, stability performance , lead into the HAD based on kinematics and physiology. Shoe body light and soft, comfortabl

Antistatic & Cleanroom PVC shoe,ESD Shoes,Antistatic Shoes

  Antistatic & Cleanroom PVC shoe   Specifications   ESD & Cleanroom PVC shoe   1.) Static safe   2.)Dust free   3.) Cleanroom use   4.)PVC leather upper cover+

Antistatic Black Slipper,ESD Slipper,Anti-static Slipper,ESD Shoes

  Antistatic slipper has the following features:   Key Specifications/Special Features:   ·Size: full size   ·Volume resistance 106 to 108 Ohms   ·Material: PVC  


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