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Cleaning Mop,Cleanroom Mop

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  • Product Type:CQD1097-999
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  Cleaning Mop has the following features:

  1.Clean mop: Stainless steel rod, universal turn, superfine fabric head dry and wet two uses, stainless steel rods stretch 1.5 meters long.

  2.Clean mop,dustfree mop,GMP dustfree mop, dust mop for Clean room is used for electronic industrial areas and pharmaceutical, GMP clean workshop.It is a special cleaning tool, with unique anti-static function.

  3. Mop head adopts superfine fiber woven, no raveling or hair loss, high strength stainless steel mop rod, mop head has dealed with dustfree, vacuum packaging, the handle adopts 360 degrees rotate .the use of light, efficient; ring tractors, covers a large area; can be washed, and strong decontamination; simple to operate, semi-open back style, easy to replace, durable, and good detergency ,quick-drying; weight light and easy to operate, wheel bolts firmly grip mop head can be very easy to remove from the handle or install on the replacement of the mop head, no need to replace the drag handle.

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