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Comprehensive Antistatic ESD Product

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  Antistatic Cleanroom Wipers, Bins, Containers:

  Product Description

  (1) Micro-fibre Wiper

  1 Excellent at removing dust.

  2 Excellent absorbency.

  3 Enough intensity under either wet or dry conditions.

  4 Low in Particles and extractables.

  5 Almost no chemical reaction.

  6 Micro-filament containing tens of thousands of fibre elements, can contain dust in its open fibres, and will not scratch the surface of object.

  7 Unique knitted structure of the wiper makes the contact area of the object expand when being used, so the wiper can quickly absorb and contain dust, get rid of fingerprint, dirt, grease etc, without leaving fibres or lint behind.

  8 The wiper itself, produces only a miniscule amount of dust, feel soft and smooth to the touch.

  9 Flexibility on style, color and size: we can design the wiper according to customers specific requirement. Class1-100 Cleanroom washing (< 110*110cm)


  1 Semiconductor assembly line.

  2 Aviation production & repairing.

  3 Laboratory.

  4 Electronics Industry.

  5 Computer Assembly.

  6 Optical Instrument Production.

  7 Enterprise Research and Developing Departments for use in the care

  of delicate instruments

  (2)Polynet Wiper

  1 100% polyester knit, Excellent absorbency and effective cleaning.

  2 Lightweight wiper, Low in Particles and extractables.

  3 Soft to the touch, Will not damage the surface of objects.

  4 Almost no Chemical reaction, Good performance in either wet or dry conditions.


  1 For taking good care of product line equipment in the Cleanroom Industry.

  2 Personal use with cameras, musical instruments, telescopes, computer screens etc.

  (3) Non-woven wiper

  1, Even and endurable material, Soft and loose

  2, Good wiping performance

  3, Decreasing particles generated by scratching

  4, Will not cause damage to article surfaces

  5, Ideal for removing oil and dust particles

  6, Good absorbency and humidity performance


  1 Indicating Controller

  2 I C (Integrate Circuit)

  3 LCD display

  4 Printing Circuit Board.

  5 Optical electronic components.

  6 LBD.

  7 Assembly component.

  (4)Bins & Containers


  The material of container is made of polypropylene with carbon. It has a capacity of conducting electro currents which can be maintained for 15 years. Meanwhile this kind of material also has good mechanical function.


  Electronics, communication and munitions industry.

  ***** Size of Container is made according to customers needs

  (5)SO200 Antistatic/Conductive Corrugated Plastic Sheet


  Made of PP material, it has some very valuable characteristics, it is non-toxic, odourless, environmentally friendly, water resistant, non-corrosive, light weight, and colorful. Also this material is capable of holding it is shape without warping. It is a new style packing material and a ideal replacement for packing paper and plastic container.


  Can be made to suit the customers needs, including the normal corrugated plastic sheet with thickness of between 2-6mm, width of less than 1500mm.

  Antistatic plastic sheet with surface resistance of 10(8)-10(11)/ cm2

  conductive plastic sheet with surface resistance of 10(4)-10(6)/ cm2.


  This products has many varieties of application in such fields as distribution, transportation, delivery of mechanical, hardware and electronic products which effectively prevent harm to precise equipment and parts caused by static electricity.

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