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ESD Rubber Mat,Antistatic Sticky Mat

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  ESD rubber mat or conductive ground mats should be laid out in the workshops and advanced laboratories for microelectronic industries such as electronic semi-conduct devices, electronic

  Computers, electronic communication equipment and integrated circuits etc. To eliminate damages caused by static electricity.


  1) It is designed to provide a static safe work surface where ESD control is required

  2) Dimensions: 10 x 1.2m, 10 x 1.0m, 0.6m x 10m

  3) Colors: Green / black, and thickness is 2.0mm

  4) Two-layer rubber table mat that is heat and chemical resistant

  5) Table mat is ideal for static dissipative and flexible work surfaces


  2-layers mat

  -Top layer: Static dissipative PVC.

  -Bottom layer: Conductive PVC.

  Colors: Top ( colors of Shiny Light Green, Dull Light Green, Shiny Dark Green), Bttom (black)

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