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Anti-Static Glove,Antistatic Glove,ESD Glove

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  Offer all kinds of working glove:

  CPE glove/ESD glove/ESD dotted glove/PU coated glove/nituril glove/PVC/vinyl glove

  Antistatic glove:

  98% continuous filament non-linting stretch tricot polyester and 2% carbon suffused in continuous filament polyester.

  These range of ESD work gloves provide general protection of products in massive particulation and electrostatic sensitive work areas. The conductive yarms provide maxium protection against undesirable electrostatic charges.

  Material: Polyester

  Size: S M L XL

  Surface Resistivity: Less than 105ohm/sq (conductive range)

  Other features: PVC DOT palm and PU lamination for excellent grip

  Application: Ideal for Electronic assembly, food and agriculture industries where protection from electrostatic charges is required. Also recommended for general use.

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