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Superfine fiber cleanroom wiper

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    With years of experience on the development and manufacture of cleanroom wiper,working together with our supplier from the choice of the fabric manufacture,cutting,laundry,we enforce stringent quality control through the product process to manufacture product according to high standard of quality requirement.Our fabric are knitted from 100% polyester or PET/PA microdenier continuous fiber.Our wiper is of high absorbency,high abrasion resistance,soft.Our wiper can be chosen by laser and cold cut.Also it is laundered and dried,packed in ISO4 cleanroom with professional cleanroom washer and drier.The water for laundry is ultra-pure water with resistance of 18M Ω·CM-1.Our wiper is double bags packed and lot to lot traceable.Our wiper is of ultra low particles,ionic contaminants and extractable.Our wiper can be used in the critical environments like wafer processing,TFT-LCD,etc.

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