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Hard Sole Antistatic Shoes,Cleanroom Boots,ESD Boots,Antistatic Work Shoes

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  Hard Sole Antistatic Shoes:

  Product Description

  Hard sole antistatic work shoes

  1)Material: Stripe polyester+PVC

  2)Size: 34#-45#

  3)Apply to ESD sensitive area and cleanroom

  4)Resistance of shoes: 10 7-10 8

  5)Feature: Wearable, anti-static, dustproof

  6)Application: Electronics, checking area etc. ESDsensitive are and clearoom


  A. Be worn on the ESD floor

  B. Don't wear wool socks or sole with insulation material

  C. Don't stick to the insulated things

  D. Test the resistance of shoes after some time (within 100h ), then clean or change

  E. Use warm water (below 40degree) to wash with soft brush

  F. Wash with neutral detergent, otherwise, will effect antistatic function

  G. Clean sufficiency, after drying put on the well ventilative, shady, without sun place

  8)Can be customized

  9)Packing: 1pair/polybag

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