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Anti-static&Water proof aprons,ESD Aprons,Antistatic Apron

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  • Product Type:GYR50E1-999
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  Anti-static&Water proof aprons are made of high quality polyester fiber fabrics, both the special requirements of advanced clean clothes (dustfree, filtering, comfort, durability, adhesion difficulty, easy to wear) , excellent conductive wire imported ensures high-quality products’ anti-static properties, special polyester fiber line sewing machines, sewing techniques and unique technology, the import of advanced cleaning equipment, 10, 100 clean room can provide services for the most stricted customers; advanced test equipment and means ,strict quality management system to ensure every product with high quality.

  Scope: to provide ten, one hundred, one thousand clean room used clothing, offer a variety of fabric variety, color, style.

  Applications: electronics, microelectronics, semiconductor, LCD, medicine, biology, engineering, optics, aerospace and other industries

  Note:Can be custom as the customers’ requirements

  Price valid for one month


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