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Anti-static smock,Anti-static Lab Coat,ESD Smock,Antistatic Clothes

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  • Product Type:ERY10-1000
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  Anti-static smock has the following features:

  1.Optional Fabric: 5mm grid interval of conductive silk fabric

  Content: 65% polyester, 35% cotton

  2.Application Scopes: static sensitive areas, 10000, 1000, class 100 clean areas clean electronics factory, petroleum, chemical industry, hospitals and laboratories, etc.

  3.Product Description:

  a. Both men and women, fabric using conductive polyester filament fiber and imported silk weaving

  b. Remove the body into a static, with the permanent antistatic properties

  c. Advanced technology, unique structure of the garment itself is not made of dust, no dust, with very good performance of anti-static dust

  d. Comfortable, wash-resistant specifications : S / M / L # can also be customized according to customer

  4. Conductive wire: Japan Kanebo conductive wire.

  5. The whole process fabric

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