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Cleanroom Nonwoven Wiper,cleanroom wiper,cleanroom polyester wiper

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  • Product Type:CMB0158-04
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  Cleanroom Nonwoven Wiper:

  Product Description

  Nonwoven Wiper for industrial use or house hold.

  Model: WIP-0612 WIP-0609 WIP-0606 WIP-0604

  Size: (mm) 12" X 12" 9" X 9" 6" X 6" 4" X 4"

  Package: 300PCS/bag

  10bags/CTN 300PCS/bag

  10bags/CTN 300PCS/bag

  20bags/CTN 1200PCS/bag


  Material: 45% polyester & 55% cellulose

  Color: White

  Character: Lower dust content and organic solvent resistance. Naturally static electricity protection and 100% inflammation. The product is pure and it doesn't release any impurity, with high liquid absorbability and durable. None of additives should be added during the process of production. Soft texture: It will not damage the surface. Customer specification available.

  Application: Cleaning for Medical device, work surface, semiconductor/TFT/LCD/PCB/SMT processing production line in cleanroom.

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