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Cleanroom Polyester Wiper,cleanroom wiper

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  Cleanroom Polyester Wiper:

  Product Description

  Constructed from continuous-filament polyester in a double knit, no-run interlock pattern; Cleanroom laundered and packaged;

  Exhibits higher absorbency function; Lower particle generation and ion content.


  100% synthetic polyester (continuous-filament, double-knit polyester);

  Laser sealed border; Thermal method and Cold method is also available;

  Class10 cleanroom laundered and vacuumized, both folder and in bulk packaging options;

  Stable quality control. Etc.


  Prevents cleanroom contamination with ultrolow levels of particles and extractables;

  High absorbency, wettable with isopropyl alcohol;

  Soft, non-scratching design. Etc


  Superior for spill control and general wiping in Class10~10, 000 environments;

  Cleaning and polishing the floor and the products of IC, Photo-electricity and other criticle environment request;

  Contamination control such as GMP workshop. Etc

  Cleaning and polishing sensitive disk surfaces.


  Type Classification Material Descriptions Size Package

  LJ6004 Class10-10, 000 Polyester Laser Cut;

  Cleanroom Laundered and Packaged 9 * 9

  Inch 150 sheets

  10 bags/case

  Various products dimensions as clients specific request;

  Sealed methods among Ultrasonic Cut, Laser Cut, Heat Cut and Cold Cut. Etc.


  Cleanroom wipers has the following features:

  1).Fine dust effects, with anti-static function

  2).Ultra-flexible, wear-resistant

  3).Less dust, density, scratch-free in surface

  4).Compatible with the common solvents, cleaning ability and recyclable

  5).Unlikely to cause a chemical reaction

  Mater Composition:55% wood pulp + 45% polyester

  Specification:4"×4"  6"×6"  9"×9"

  Packing:4"  600 pcs/bag    6"  150pcs/bag    9"  150pcs/bag

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