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Antistatic transparent curtain,ESD PVC Curtain

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  • Product Type:ECM1213-04810
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  Antistatic transparent membrane:

  1.Model: grid

  2.Specifications: 1.37m * 30m * 0.3mm

  3.Description of goods: materials: PVC materials

  4.Specifications: 1.37m × 0.3mm × 30m

  5.Characteristics: soft, transparent, flame retardant, aging is not easy

  Purification, anti-static, every temperature, sound, and the free movement of people and vehicles

  6.Surface resistance: a positive resistance: 105 ~ 109Ω; the back of the resistance: 107 ~ 1010Ω

  7.The scope of application: apply to electronic, food, pharmaceutical, refrigeration and other industries, particularly in the electronics industry apply to the purification plant, and so on.

  8.Usage: In accordance with the actual needs of the crop and laying on the ground, wall or curtain can do.

  9.Day-to-day maintenance: dry cleaning cloth, not to rub or soaking wet, it can not be used in detergents, alcohol and so on.

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