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Ion-sensing curtain,ESD Curtaon,PVC Carbon Printed Curtain

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  • Product Type:ECM1213-01821
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  Antistatic/ESD air curtain:

  1.Number:  ECM1213-01821

  2.Name:Anti-static transparent film(Mesh curtain)

  3.Specification:  1.37m*30m*0.3mm


  5.Features:Soft, transparent, flame retardant, not aging

  6.Performance:Purification, anti-static, insulating units, the free movement of people and vehicles

  7.Surface resistance:Positive Resistance:105~109Ω ;Back resistance:107~1010Ω

  8.Application scopes:For electronics, food, pharmaceutical, refrigeration and other industries, particularly in the electronics industry for the purification plant and so on

  Note:Price valid for one month.


  Sample supply:

  If you need samples, we certainly will supply you that. But you need to pay the sample cost

  and freight cost.usually, samples will be sent out in 2days after get sample cost payment.

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