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Superfine fiber cleanroom wiper

    With years of experience on the development and manufacture of cleanroom wiper,working together with our supplier from the choice of the fabric manufacture,cutting,laundry,we enforce stringent quality control through the pro

Comprehensive Antistatic ESD Product

  Antistatic Cleanroom Wipers, Bins, Containers:   Product Description   (1) Micro-fibre Wiper   1 Excellent at removing dust.   2 Excellent absorbency.   3 Enough intensity under

Cleanroom Polyester Wiper,cleanroom wiper

  Cleanroom Polyester Wiper:   Product Description   Constructed from continuous-filament polyester in a double knit, no-run interlock pattern; Cleanroom laundered and packaged;   Exhibits higher absor

Cleanroom Nonwoven Wiper,cleanroom wiper,cleanroom polyester wiper

  Cleanroom Nonwoven Wiper:   Product Description   Nonwoven Wiper for industrial use or house hold.   Model: WIP-0612 WIP-0609 WIP-0606 WIP-0604   Size: (mm) 12" X 12" 9" X 9


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